Professional service

Service philosophy

We pay attention to the communication between people, we communicate with customers and understand their needs. Our team composed of system designers, installation partners and technicians pays attention to listening and evaluating customer needs. Because of this, many companies agree with the solutions we provide. They know that we can make the difficult task of implementing data transfer solutions easier. The consultant communicates with the client to determine their needs.


We provide tailor-made solutions to meet current and future needs.


Our solutions are completely installed by fully trained global certified installers.


We provide comprehensive support from concept to completion. Our solutions have a global 25-year product, system performance and application guarantee, and a long-term customer service relationship as a strong backing.

Warranty commitment

Linkbasic provides a complete global 25-year product, system performance and application guarantee for end-to-end solutions, which is applicable to all our structured cabling solutions, enabling customers to settle once and for all, ensuring that the cabling system meets the needs of customers now and in the future for many years Require.

In order to support this comprehensive quality assurance, we regularly choose to train professional certified engineers in various places. This kind of training is combined with our quality assurance to guarantee lifetime support for customers’ network facilities。

If you want to learn more about our quality assurance program, you can contact the authorized agent in this area, or fill in the feedback form, and Linkbasic will contact you personally to contact the local authorized agent.